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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Did you know that according to the American Veterinary Dental Society, more than 80% of dogs and 85% of cats suffer from some form of dental disease by the age of three? While February is officially Pet Dental Health Month, we think any month is a good time to become educated about your pets’ dental health.   

Periodontal disease is the most common dental condition in pets. It will worsen as your pet gets older, unless the proper preventive measures are taken. Other dental problems that can develop are broken or infected teeth, cysts in the mouth, and receding gums. 

Indications that your pet may be having dental issues are:

  • bad breath
  • discolored/tarter covered teeth
  • reduced appetite
  • change in chewing habits, and pain in/around the mouth

Your furry friend’s teeth should be checked at least once a year by your veterinarian. If you observe any of the symptoms above, you should have your pet’s teeth checked sooner.  

There are many ways to help improve and keep your animals’ teeth healthy including preventative care. Since opening our doors in 2007, we have recommended KissAble products to our customers who want to proactively keep their pets’ mouths pucker-ready.  

KissAble for Dogs at Scalawags      KissAble for Cats at Scalawags

KissAble is a line of USA made, all natural and safe dental products for dogs and cats. The line includes toothbrushes and toothpaste (vanilla, which smells great for you), a Fresh Breath Foam and finger brushes.

The toothbrushes and fingerbrushes, when paired with the toothpaste, will clean teeth/gums, help to fight plaque build-up and disinfect the mouth. The minty foam freshens the breath, improves oral cleanliness, and helps with plaque build-up. If brushing your pet’s teeth has always been a struggle, definitely try the foam. We get great feedback on this product as it is fast and easy to use (happy you), tastes good (happy pet), yet very effective (happy you + pet).

So as you turn the calendar tomorrow, think about adding reminders to brush your pet’s teeth. The sooner you and your pet can establish a consistent routine of oral care the better. It will make smooching so much more enjoyable and potentially save your best friend from painful issues down the road.

For more information or to purchase any of the KissAble products, visit www.scalawagsonline.com, give us a call at (207) 967-2775 or stop by our store at 3 Dock Square, Kennebunkport, Maine.

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017
Welcome to our blog series - "Scalawags at Work in The Kennebunks". From innkeepers to shopkeepers to first mates and more, join us as we meet the wonderful working dogs who make up our local 'wagforce'.


Have you ever wondered who the staffers are at the Tourist News? Meet publishing's power couple - Cliff (Tiger, age 11) and Figgy (Angora, age 11). Cliff is the official Office Manager and Figgy is the official Desk Clearer and Office Princess. Together, this dynamic duo (with a little help from mom, Judith, and a few freelancers) keep Southern Maine informed and entertained during the spring, summer and holiday seasons. We aren't quite sure how two little kitties can be so in the know so we decided to ask them.

scalawags at work in the kennebunks dog blog

Scalawags: Tourist News has been around for almost 60 years, which is quite impressive! How long have you two been ‘working’ here? Because if you have 9 lives, does that make you older than the paper..?

Cliff: We’ve been here for all of our lives, about 11 years. Mom’s owned the paper for 25 years and we’ve been here since we were little kittens.

Figgy: There have always been cats here at the Tourist News since Mom has owned it.

S: Tourist News isn’t a traditional newspaper, how do you describe it and what makes it so unique?

scalawags at work in the kennebunks

C: That’s a great question! I would say that we are both a reader and advertiser-friendly, arts and entertainment newspaper. We are equally popular with tourists and locals alike.

F: I think we’re also the most artistic paper in the area which is pretty cool!   

S: Since you have been around for so long, how do you keep the publications ‘fresh’? Do you find the stories or do the stories find you?

C: It’s a bit of both, the stories finding us and us searching them out. We are definitely not running out of ideas; we do keep running out of space for our ideas though!

F: Our covers are a staple to the paper. We scout cover ideas year round and we get a lot of local artists’ submissions for covers too!

S: We know cats are typically nocturnal so does this mean you have to pull all-dayers to complete the newspaper sometimes?

C: Sometimes, yes. During the summer, we have long office hours so it wouldn’t be unusual to work all day that time of the year.

F: On deadline days, I make sure to block the computer screens as much as possible because I don’t like anything to be more important than I am.

S: There must be plenty to do around here, what are your primary responsibilities?

C: As the office manager, I make sure there is always a chair or lap available for me to sit on and nap. I also monitor the fish tank and make sure that none of the fish get out of hand.

F: I take care of clearing the desks of anything unnecessary such as pens, cell phones and piles of paper. I am the mouse chaser as well. I keep the computer screen free of those pesky buggers by swatting at the screens while people are working.

S: You cover events for 12 towns. How do you keep it all straight?

C: Since we’ve been doing this for quite a while now, we have a good system in place. Luckily, we also have a high energy level, when we’re not napping, so that helps a lot.

F: All of the staffers here like to keep the Tourist News to a high standard so it really is a team effort which is great.

S: Our source informed us you two like to nap a lot. How does thScalawags Pet Boutiqueat affect your work productivity?

C: It provides us with maximum energy for the few hours that we are awake.

Reporter's note: Figgy had no comment as she was napping.

S: True Confession Time: What is the most scalawaggish thing you've done on the job that your boss may or may not know about?

C: We are pretty good, other than napping during work hours or knocking things off of desks.

F: There was one cat before us named Reefer. He was a wild boy who just couldn’t be contained. He really liked to play with the fax machine and press the buttons on it. Well, one day Mom had had enough of hearing the beeps so she turned the machine off. Reefer didn’t like this much and a few minutes later Mom heard, “Hello, Help Desk, how may I help you?” Reefer had managed to hit the Help button and contact someone to fix his issue. He was a goof!

S: The Tourist News is a seasonal paper. Do you use your down time to prep for the upcoming season or is the off season strictly for R & R?

C: We do use the down time to prep for the upcoming season.  We just get so busy during the time that we are in production that we need to be prepared ahead of time for it all to work smoothly.

F: We are not travelers. But Mom does make sure she takes about three weeks off during the low season. It’s important to have a break here and there.


Scalawags at work in the Kennebunks dog blog


Tourist News

Celebrating its 59th year, the Tourist News is Southern Maine's go-to newspaper for places to visit and things to do in the area. Its calendar of events is indispensable to tourists and locals. The Tourist News supports local businesses, community organizations and the tourism industry throughout the spring, summer and holiday seasons.

Contact Info:

Tourist News
179 Cat Mousam Road
Kennebunk, ME 04043



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Monday, 21 November 2016
Welcome to our blog series - "Scalawags at Work in The Kennebunks". From innkeepers to shopkeepers to first mates and more, join us as we meet the wonderful working dogs who make up our local 'wagforce'.


We are so proud of our customer, Posh, and his mom for writing a book, we just had to include them in our blog series. We have known Posh and Susan since 2007 and when they decided to start their own pet party business, we thought it was a purrfect idea! All of their hardwork, much of which took place in Kennebunkport, comes to life in their newly published book, "Posh Celebrations."  Read more about Posh's journey from party animal to party author and start planning your first "posh party."

scalawags at work in the kennebunks dog blog

Scalawags: Posh, first of all, we’d like to congratulate you on your new book, “Posh Celebrations”. How does it feel to be a published author?

Posh: It is very exciting! There is also a huge sense of relief that comes with it because it’s been a full year and a half of working on it. I am looking forward to being able to share all of my ideas with lots of people and pets!

S: Tell us a little bit about your book and what inspired you to take on such a pawsome project?scalawags at work in the kennebunks

P: It is a party guide that tells other pets how to help they’re owners throw parties. It starts with a bit of general information about parties and then it is made up of seven parties that track through the year. It is up to the reader/party host how many or how few of the ideas that they want to use in their own party. I was inspired about two years ago at my kitty sibling’s first party that I threw for them. One of the guests at the kittens' party remarked how great the party was and that I should make a book about how to throw parties. This was how the idea was born!

S: We couldn’t help but notice there is a lot of “Kennebunkport” in your party ideas. What do you love about this area and how did it help inspire you creatively?

P: I love the beach! I enjoy meeting, greeting and running with the other dogs. Being here in Kennebunkport allows me to relax and have some fun which helps to inspire me creatively. 

S: Your kitty siblings, Ali and Z, seem to have a lot to say in the book too. Are you okay sharing the limelight with them?

P: Yes, they are my favorite buddies. Ali really wanted to have a part in the book so she is the voice behind the “Cheeky Chatter” tidbits. I also thought it would be a good idea for her to learn from the master so I had her help me write the chapter on their “Welcome Home” party that we threw! Z, on the other hand, is a much more laid back, cool dude. He is always available for a “Terrific Tip” so that is how he contributed to the book.   

S: Who do you think would benefit from reading your book?


P: Pet and party lovers, alike! It is a fun way to have a focus/theme. The book gives you lots of ideas that you can pick and choose from as you please. It can be used as a prompt and is intended to inspire you to be creative!

S: Posh, if you got to throw the party of your dreams, and you could only invite ONE special guest of honor (living or deceased), who would it be and describe your party theme?

P: Well I would actually have to invite two guests. I would throw a party for the two Westies that preceded me, Brandy and Whitney. It would be a “Westie” themed party to celebrate the breed, their ‘westitude’ and spirit. I think it would be really fun to meet them because they are the two that started the parties that I now get to enjoy today!   

S: We usually ask all of our wag-force what is the most scalawaggish thing they have done at work, but we are going to ask you what is the most scalawaggish thing you have ever done at a party?


P: I am always on my best behavior at the parties, partially because I love parties so much… and partly because I love being the center of attention!

S: So what’s next on your agenda? Do you have any plans for a second book? 


P: I have given thought to a second book and I have a few ideas. But for the next few months, I am going to be focusing on promoting the first book. Make sure to keep an eye out for my Facebook page, blog and local book signings! 

S: Finally, as we approach the holiday season, what is your number one party-planning tip for the holidays?


P: Gift bags! The gift bags don’t have to contain the most expensive present ever as long as you focus on the thought you put into the gift and make sure the presentation is fabulous!

Scalawags at work in the Kennebunks dog blog

Properly Posh Pets
Properly Posh Pets creates books and party kits that will help you plan parties to “celebrate your pets." The company's first book Posh Celebrations is full of helpful party planning tips, creative party ideas and whimsical themes to help people get started. The book includes all original illustrations which bring each party to life visually and it even includes a signature cocktail for each party. There's something for everyone when Posh throws a party!

Contact Info:

Properly Posh Pets
P.O. Box 1214
Kennebunkport, Maine

(202) 492-3593

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Monday, 24 October 2016
Welcome to our blog series - "Scalawags at Work in The Kennebunks". From innkeepers to shopkeepers to first mates and more, join us as we meet the wonderful working dogs who make up our local 'wagforce'.


Scalawags styles dogs so we thought it only right to include a human stylist in our blog series. We decided Bentley, the "right hand dog" at Dock Square Clothiers, would be a good scalawag to interview. He can frequently be seen in Dock Square with the shop's owner (aka dad), Brian, getting ready for the upcoming season. Bentley owns three stores in total and we just had to find out the secret to his success. We can barely manage one store!

scalawags at work in the kennebunks dog blog

Scalawags: Dock Square Clothiers has been open for almost 45 years! What is the secret to your success?

Bentley: I learned as much as possible from my predecessors, as have all of the others before me. I try to make the company a little bit better then how it was left. It also helps to be as cute as I am because it attracts customers in and good customer service is vital to a successful business.

S: Bentley, are you the first canine hire in all those years? What exactly do you do here?

B: I am not the first canine hire in 45 years. There are, I think, four generations of “dog cousins” that came before me. My main job responsibilities are customer service and greeting the delivery people when they drop off our boxes. Then I also help Dad with making deposits at the bank and going to the post office to pick up the mail. I am a very busy dog. 

S: Dock Square Clothiers has three locations which must keep you very busy. How do you manage it all and how do you split your time? scalawags at work in the kennebunks

B: We are in Maine for the busy season through about November. Then we head down to Florida for the busy season there. I manage it all by making sure Dad stays focused on his tasks. I help bring inventory down to the Ogunquit store. I love going on car rides so inventory trips are especially fun work days! I mind the van while Dad brings the inventory in and I also help to make sure he doesn’t get lost on the ride down to Ogunquit and Florida. In Florida, I do a lot of the same jobs as I do here in Kennebunk.

S: Which place do you like better, Maine or Florida? Why?

B: I enjoy Maine better because we stay in a routine better up here and I am a very routine orientated dog. Maine is also usually a cooler temperature which is nicer for my fluffy fur coat.

S: What is your favorite part about being able to work right in Dock Square?

B: Being in the center of the action is also fun! I get to see lots of other dogs on my walks. I really enjoy my coworkers at this store and Dad and I walk just about everywhere!

S: What are your pet peeves about your job?


B: I don’t get paid enough in treats for the amount of work that I do. I think I might have to go on strike in order to get an increase… 

S: You carry a lot of brands at your stores, how do you keep up with what your customers want? Tradeshows? How would you describe your store style?

B: We make sure to listen to the customer feedback, good and bad. I, personally, don’t get to go to tradeshows because of stupid people rules. Dad goes to them when he can. If Dad is going to one just for the day, I go to daycare and I LOVE daycare!! So it’s a win-win for everybody. I would say our style is resort-driven casual sportswear. We do try to not be too touristy, although we do a few touristy items.

S: Have you ever styled any celebrities?


B: I am not sure I would say “styled” but we have had celebrities over the years come in and shop with us. My favorite celebrity “styling” story is that we’ve had three presidents over the years shop here!

S: True Confession Time: What is the most scalawaggish thing you've done on the job that your boss may or may not know about?


B: When I was a new hire, I would select certain pieces of inventory from the lower shelves and make them my chew toy. I did get docked a few treats for this when Dad found out about them.

S: What tip do you have for other scalawags interested in a career in retail?


B: Well, customer service goes a long way. Make sure you apply to all the pet stores in town because you have to love the products that you’re selling. Also, if this job ever falls through, I will be applying to Scalawags!

Scalawags at work in the Kennebunks dog blog

Dock Street Clothiers
Dock Square Clothiers first opened in 1972 under the name Port Clothing. Since then, they have opened two additional locations in Ogunquit, Maine and Delray Beach, Florida. Dock Square Clothiers is known for their excellent customer service, stylish selection of clothing and accessories for both men and women, and of course, Bentley!

Contact Info:

Dock Street Clothiers
17 Dock Square
Kennebunkport, Maine

(207) 967-5362

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